House Flipper comes to Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming

house flippers Added to Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming, it’s an unexpected but welcome surprise.

This indie simulation game oversees the player’s role as a handyman and decorator, mastering every home improvement skill imaginable. However, before you can buy your own property, you must earn money and reputation by accepting jobs from nearby residents in need.

If you haven’t already, check out the trailer for House Flipper here!

You might be responsible for paint jobs or bathroom installations, or you might even be asked to furnish the entire property. There’s a lot going on for such a quaint game with specific goals. You can even clean your windows if you’re so inclined, or have the task of doing so!

There is also no right or wrong way to flip a house. If a decorator came over and started ruining the place before the makeover, I think most of us would have something to say. However, in House Flipper, you can play your way.

If you want to tear down walls and smash things, you can, as long as your client is happy when your work is over, no one will stop you.

Repair, decorate and decorate!

It’s a simple title, but it’s incredibly cathartic, smashing someone’s home and then bringing it back to life. Best of all, the hard work is rewarded with upgraded tools that make the experience of decorating or tearing down walls even more seamless!

Previously priced at £17.99/$21.49 on Xbox, House Flipper is now free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. It’s also free to play on almost any rig through Cloud Gaming. That is if you have a strong and stable internet connection!

Will you try flipping the house?