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What is it? The third part of the horror anthology takes place this time in an ancient Sumerian temple.
Expect to pay GBP 25 / USD 30
Developer Mega game
Publisher Bandai Namco
freed October 22
Review date GTX 1080 Ti, Intel i7-8086K, 16GB RAM
multiplayer game Yes
Associate Official website

“Black Phase Anthology” is a series that is fascinated by the horror of the movie. Its setting, each item spun new yarn, let Supermassive cast a big net. Following the issue of the Medan’s ghost ship and the witch of Little Hope, we now find ourselves in the House of Ashes exploring the Sumerian Temple with Marines and CIA agents. The transition from civilians and jump scares to soldiers and gunfights was an important transition that made me pause at first, but the anthology became stronger as a result.

Soldiers perform missions and discover something scary or supernatural. Of course, this is a classic genre metaphor, and it produces some of my favorites, from aliens to dog soldiers. But for a series that owes more to adventure games than action games, heavily armed jarheads seem to be a strange choice. However, I shouldn’t worry, because it turns out that the creepy bat-like opponents in “House of Ashes” don’t care about bullets.

(Image source: Bandai Namco)

This does not stop the Marines, or the pair of Iraqi Republic Guards who fell into the Sumer Temple with them from consuming a lot of ammunition. There are explosives. When they didn’t shoot the monster helplessly, they were shooting at each other. There are many long and gorgeous QTEs, and they are listed as the most interesting and certainly the most exquisite in Supermassive.

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