How do I spend 1.3 million dollars trying to bake a cake in Farming Simulator 22, part 1

The holidays are here, and it’s time for gifts, family gatherings, off-tune carols, and huge, dense, disgusting fruit cakes, no one wants and doesn’t need it. In order to enter the festival, I decided to make my own fruit cake-not in cooking games or bakery management simulation games, but in Farming Simulator 22. I will bake the cake completely from scratch.

Making cakes in Farming Simulator 22 (strictly speaking they are strawberry cakes, not fruit cakes, but strawberries are fruits, so close enough) you need eggs, milk, butter, flour, sugar and strawberries. It also means having a bakery to store and mix all these ingredients, a dairy product that turns milk into butter, a mill that turns wheat into flour, a sugar mill that turns beets into sugar, and a greenhouse that grows strawberries. Of course, there are also all the labor and equipment for growing wheat and sugar beets and feeding cows and chickens. There are many problems that need to be solved, especially for newcomers to “Simulation Farm 22”, but starting the game with $1.5 million in cash feels enough. For the cake. right?