How horror games make non-horror games better

Horror games are one of the best gaming experiences, but only for those who can endure and endure them from start to finish. But those who do not play horror games can still find fun in other non-horror games, because no matter what type of horror game it is, it can make the game better.

Terror has a huge impact. The jumping panic that causes adrenaline soaring, the sweaty back feeling that can hardly avoid death, the constant fear that slowly rises to orgasm-these emotions affect everyone in different ways.

The core of these emotions is the same as the feelings found in haunted houses, roller coasters, skydiving, etc.: the feeling of being as close to death as possible without real death. The horror that brings us close to death is therefore effective in books, TV, movies, and even games. Game developers are aware of this, which is why horror movies are everywhere in all types of video games, even though it sometimes seems difficult to find it.

One of the best examples is Gone Home by Fullbright.

Gone Home is a great game—— Read why Game informant Give it 8.5 points here (out of 10 points) – But just reading the plot summary or the gameplay breakdown does not necessarily reveal this. This is because part of what makes Gone Home so great is that it is not. At the beginning of the game, you have to figure out how to enter a big scary house on a stormy night. When you enter the home, you will find it is empty, but not abandoned. Your family members are not there, but their luggage is there. You must determine the reason.

Right away, the game presents itself as horror. There is an atmosphere of a stormy night, a big, dark and gloomy house, and a mystery in the walls of the house. This is a classic horror theme. These things are combined to tell the player that things are a bit scary now. As a result, your hands may become a little clammy and your heartbeat may increase. These feelings stay with you throughout the game until you reach the end and realize that it was not a horror game from the beginning-it is a love story, and a great story.

It draws a layer of fear on a story that keeps you engaged and moving forward (the sooner you leave this spooky house, the better, right?). This is a smart way for players to play until the last moments when they have been searching for hours of relief, and Fullbright will reveal the truth about what happened in Greenbriar’s house.

Another non-horror game that uses horror in a powerful way is Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red’s latest RPG has many things, but it is definitely not a horror game. However, there is a side mission in the middle of the story, which is one of the scariest things I have ever experienced in the game: to help (or prevent) someone from nailing themselves in front of the camera. It is naturally very graphical and extremely dark, but it also provides the appearance of Cyberpunk 2077 that you can’t see anywhere else.

Cyberpunk 2077 tells about the sordid weaknesses of Night City and the way the world’s corporate capitalism affects those who do not understand this wealth. The side mission of the Crucifixion uses the horror of witnessing the real crucifixion to show players the extent to which people redeem themselves from the crimes they committed in order to survive in the night city. This is a powerful scene because you can directly control how it plays, so it becomes more powerful.

For some people, space itself can be very scary, and Outfield uses these natural, space-based fears to inject horror into other non-horror games. In Outer Wilds, players must determine why everyone is in a loop where the sun explodes every 20 minutes. There is a view that, no matter what you do, dying every 20 minutes is inherently scary, but “Outer Wilderness” is more like a sci-fi mystery exploration game than a game suitable for Halloween.

When you explore unfamiliar planets-discover the ancient ruins before, look for upcoming warnings, and avoid water tornadoes or deadly fishing-you will find yourself squeezing the controller tightly, hope you can more Live for a minute. Outer Wilds uses the most basic instinct in our lives-survival-to achieve great results, especially since it makes your adrenaline soar, but it drops again every 20 minutes.

Some developers use horror sequences as a way to change the type of horror experienced in the game. Take “The Last of Us Part Two” as an example. Some people might call it horror, but I suspect most people would define it as such before third-person shooters or action-adventure games. In any case, events in the game can cause considerable trauma. Even the way Ellie sometimes kills enemies is directly from R-rated movies.

Naughty Dog presents a unique “level” in the second half of The Last of Us Part II, which not only gives players the opportunity to experience the new panic in the series, but also may pay tribute to the horror type that clearly inspired the game. When you enter the lower floors of the hospital, you will see a black unit like an ICU filled with cordyceps covered doors and so on. You explore, find a way out, and this is when the rat king pointed to by the naughty dog ​​is revealed-it is a huge, overgrowth ball of infection that just wants to take you out.

This sequence feels more comfortable in the Resident Evil game than in The Last Of Us, but Naughty Dog uses it to add to everything we have already experienced. In a 10-minute part of the game, Naughty Dog reveals that the world of The Last of Us has more terrifying enemies than previously thought, and that the series can easily fall into terror if it wants to. It also eliminates the tension between people in the game center and reminds you that you are actually lucky to be still human in this world.

Although terror is not for everyone, developers recognize that it can have a powerful impact on almost anyone. This is why terror has penetrated all aspects of the media. Everyone is afraid of something is universal, but the unique thing is that each of us has our own fears and troubles our brains. Similarly, according to our personal experience, the game affects everyone differently. The same is true for horror. Transformation looks like a monster that each of us imagines in our mind-but it depends on the developer. Determine the type of monster that will be hidden in every new version.

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What is the scariest part of the non-horror game you have ever played? Please let us know in the comments below!