How I spent $1.3 million trying to bake a cake in Farming Simulator 22, part 2

In the first part In my diary, I am trying to bake a cake from scratch in Farming Simulator 22 before Christmas. Although there are only two months left in the game year, I only managed to produce some eggs and strawberries when I consumed it. .. Let me check my notes… Ah, yes. One million dollars.

I still need wheat to turn into flour, beets to make sugar, and a whole bunch of milk, because I need to turn part of it into butter and the rest as milk. Although my prospects for completing a cake seem bleak, at least some progress has been made in the dairy department.

Milk and butter

The farmer’s work will never be completed, especially when he has not even started 80% of his work. When I ran across my bullpen, panicking about everything, I saw that they had actually produced some milk. Naturally, I can’t use my water tank to transport milk, so it’s time to rent a different damn water tank and drag it to the farm. With 649 liters of fresh milk, I went to the dairy product I purchased (70,000 USD). Then I told it to start making butter and deliver the butter to the bakery, thank you.

(Image source: Giant Software)

As exhausted as I am, the feeling of actually producing something from my stupid, incomplete highway farm will never stop. But even if I have milk to make butter, I need more milk to make pure milk, so I spent about $10,000 to buy more cows (this time I delivered them). I now have eggs, butter and strawberries in my bakery, waiting for everything else.


At the same time, I got some frustrating news. After plowing a second small field on the other side of the exit ramp and renting a different planter (everything seems to require its own special equipment) and filling it with beet seeds, I received a notice that I can’t plant it in October Beets. They need to be planted earlier this year. Okay, damn it. Beet is my way to get sugar, and sugar is a very important ingredient in cakes. I really wanted to develop on my own, but after sitting at my desk with my head in my hands for a while, I started to wonder if there was a shortcut I could take.

(Image source: Giant Software)

I checked the existing sugar beet fields on the map and found one beside the baseball field across the highway.I know I want to make everything from scratch, but I still have two months to go before Christmas. My cake is currently made of strawberries floating in raw eggs with a pile of butter next to me. EmphasizeI bought beet fields for $146,000, rented a beet-harvesting truck the size of an aircraft carrier for $24,000, and drove to the beet fields.