How Insomniac Games Created Miles Morales Fade in Spider-Man: Miles Morales

As Afro Latino, I’ve always struggled to find hair like me that really suits me in video games. Whether it’s a single-player experience with a particular character or a game where you can create your own character like Fallout, we’re always looking at hair. And most of the time, hair isn’t that great.

I often limit Afro to several types in games, but I don’t always use it as a hairstyle. I was a little wondering why my hair was so hard to find.

In the first episode of Polygon’s series, Custom Made, we discovered how difficult it is to make textured hair in our favorite game. Analyze how your favorite game works for each episode. This time around, we talked to the specialist behind Aloy’s hair at Horizon Zero Dawn about the process of creating a hairstyle with 100,000 polygons. We also talked to the Insomniac Games team about how they developed Miles Morales hair in two different console generations. Spider-Man: Miles Morales..

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