How is the display effect of PlayStation?This is our round table discussion

Yesterday, Playstation held their latest PS5 game show-although it has been awaited for a long time, it can be said that it has met the needs of many fans-a deeper understanding of upcoming games and announcements of some new explosives, making fans crazy.

We have to talk about it. So, in the above, you can discuss with me, Alex and James what was shown, why some games have to wait so long, and one of us prayed that the resistance movement would never come back.

The showcase showcased many important moments for PlayStation, including an in-depth first look at Twilight of the Gods of War, a more extensive understanding of Square Enix’s PS5 exclusive Forspoken than we have ever been, and Spider-Man’s new announcement 2 and new The Wolverine game, and the return of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Basically, there are many things to discuss.

Join us for a drink by watching or listening to this video-like podcast, where you can hear our lyrical things, such as why Forspoken makes us a little cold, Peter Quill in the Guardians of Square Enix The origin of the nickname of Galactic Games, and the content that can be collected from the game a few years later in the super short CG trailer.

Have a drink and settle down. When we are doing it-what do you think of the show? Yes, you are reading this! Please let us know in the comments.