How many games have you completed this year?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember the exact numbers-this is mainly Fraser’s excuse to show off, because obviously he wrote them down. In the spreadsheet. Others, give me a rough estimate, very good. The important thing is not the numbers-what I really want to know is whether you have played more games this year than usual, or have you returned to your favorite old game to help you through the storm? If you want, feel free to count the games you have completed on other platforms. A mobile phone is just a computer that you can play in the bathroom.

How many games have you completed this year?

This is our answer, and some from us forum.

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Phil Savage, Editor-in-Chief, UK: So far this year, I have completed 20 games, although most of them were in the first six months. I did plan to keep up with the 2021 release this year, but this did not really succeed. The only games I actually completed were Hitman 3, Ring of Death and Forza Horizon 5, and I reviewed two of them. Instead, I spent more time dealing with my backlog and ended up finishing a few games that I felt tired towards the end. Mafia: Definitive Edition, Control, Yakuza: Like a Dragon and even Shadowrun: Dragonfall are finally completed. Then, a few months ago, I went back to “Apex Heroes” and “Guild Wars 2”, these forever games-together with “Destiny 2”-almost ensure that I will not complete anything else in the rest of the year matter. Maybe next year?

Mollie Taylor, intern news writer: Uh… about five or six? It turns out that when you are an adult with a full-time job rather than a college student during the pandemic, it is much more difficult to make more than 30 games in a year. My play style has also changed a lot-I am usually a huge single player girl, but this year I really like to dive into multiplayer games with my friends. This means that I spent a lot of time playing games in 2021, but not much time on games with specific endings.I also real I returned to Final Fantasy 14 a few months ago, so my body, soul, and all my free time now belong to the MMO overlord. I apologize for all the wonderful solo experiences that made me give up.

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News writer Nat Clayton: Does it count as completing two Apex Battle Passes? More than anyone I can estimate here, my definition of this year is a true and absurd obsession with multiplayer shooting games. I was a competitive Splatoon 2 player all spring, I played a lot of Halo 3, and the Master Chief kept appearing in my dreams. Apex Legends has completely occupied my life, and this obsession has allowed me to spend a painful night chasing ranking rewards and irresponsible money entrusting Horizon clothing.

Even the single-player games I play are basically endless—Teardown has a story, but I spent more time figuring out the mods, and Townscaper is not so much a game as it is a coastal Construction toys. Unparalleled will not be achieved for many years, and Session may never be. I can say with certainty that one of the games I beat was Sable, and my goodness, I’m so glad I saw Sable finished. Please play with sable.

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Robin Valentine, printing editor: I think it really might not. This year I really jumped from one game to another and invested a lot of time in games that could not be completed (such as the legends of Runeterra and Stellaris) and games that can only be completed by teenagers and the unemployed (Assassin’s Creed) Valhalla ). I think lock-in really makes it hard for me to stay focused and stick to certain things, for me, as well as driving me to switch to familiar old games rather than new versions. Now GOTY time is almost here, and I have jumped farther than ever, trying to understand all the great batsmen I missed.