How Microsoft’s Activision Acquisition Will Affect PC Gaming

Microsoft is putting on its bib again and is ready to devour another publisher. After officially gobbling up ZeniMax Media in 2021, it’s now picking itself up again, this time with Activision. good guy.

The ZeniMax and Bethesda scores are quite a win for Microsoft, but the acquisition doesn’t get much bigger than that. And of course the sticker price — $68.7 billion, and a ton of big games and series, notably Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. Expect to see a lot of new stuff coming to Game Pass in the near future.

But what do we think of Microsoft eating all games?

(Image credit: Activision)

Phil Savage, UK Editor-in-Chief: A lot of people are pondering what this move means for Microsoft’s perpetual console battle with Sony. But I’m not sure if Microsoft is really thinking about the PlayStation at this point. Its strategy doesn’t feel like it’s designed around two mini-computers fighting under your TV. The device Xbox is of course important to it, but not as important as the Xbox ecosystem, which includes Game Pass and a growing number of publishers and developers as the core of gaming across multiple devices.