How Saints Row Co-Op works and how does it affect single player games

Since the saints of the row came from humble beginnings, cooperative games have been an iconic element of the series. Running around with friends and completing tasks helps keep the series away from its open-world counterparts in the gaming industry, and these feature sets have become more powerful over the years.

“We play multiplayer games in Saints Row 1 and multiplayer games in Saints Row 2, which is almost like the smallest core of GTA Online-they just use whatever we have to take it from the park I bumped it out. Of course, I tried it at the time,” said Volition Jim Boone’s chief creative officer. “Our imagination is,’Can you imagine playing this game with friends throughout the campaign? Every bit of it.’ It takes a lot of effort. These are the lessons we learned from Saints Row 1. Thinking about’how do we innovate and how to expand?'”

In Saints Row, which will be relaunched in 2022, you can participate in the online cooperation mode of the two as you explore the city of Santo Ileso. When you join a conversation, every co-op player will see how you can customize them, without any restrictions. Cooperative games are not restricted, which means you can explore the city independently of each other, but if one player enters the mission, the other player will turn to them and join the mission at hand.

When the mission starts, the progress will be tracked according to each player. Collectibles, customizations, vehicles and weapons will follow you back to your single player game, but Volition does not stop there. Any task progress you made in the cooperative session will be brought back to your single-player game save. For example, if you included a partner with a deeper story in an early game mission, you don’t need to replay any missions you completed in the session. “Once you complete the task naturally in your own way in your own battle, the game will remember that you have played the late game task, and you will not be asked to play that task again,” Boone said.

Saint Street

In addition to standard gameplay, Volition also tells us that you can prank your partner. We don’t yet know what this means, but the development team is excited about the feature. “This is a completely different thing we have never done before, and players will absolutely love it,” said creative director Brian Traficante. “When they get together, they can use the prank system, and you can use your imagination to the fullest,’What would you do to prank your co-players?'”

We don’t fully know what the prank system is, but as we approach the game’s February 25th release date, we look forward to learning more about the Saints Row co-op. For more information about Saints Row, be sure to check out the exclusive reporting center in the banner below.