How Sledgehammer stepped in to save Call of Duty

DNA tracking

This article first appeared in PC Gamer Magazine issue 364 in December 2021, as part of our “DNA Tracking” series, each month we delve into the lineages behind iconic games and studios.

The submersible’s headlights illuminate the rusted sides of the tanker as you swim through the underwater Brooklyn battery tunnel with the Delta Force. The logo for Schofield and Condrey Construction Ltd has two faces, a fictitious company that has actually gone out of business. But there’s no time to linger: a Russian submarine is waiting to be requisitioned in New York Harbor, and Modern Warfare 3 will let you fail by falling behind.

Most people won’t know that the two faces belong to Sledgehammer Games co-founders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey. When it debuted at the heart of the world’s biggest entertainment venue, the brief publicity was all the studio could get — and had a huge impact on the finale of Modern Warfare’s Water Cooler campaign trilogy.