How Squaresoft’s completely bizarre Racing Lagoon’s fan translations came together in just 6 months

In 1999, Japanese RPG developer Squaresoft reached the top of the world. Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8 were a huge success, and all the other weird RPGs it released seemed destined to become fanatical classics.But even at its peak in popularity, Square is still releasing games that it considers too niche, too difficult to translate, or too difficult to translate Japanese Released in the West. One of them is Racing Lagoon, which is an RPG game that combines fashionable street racing and bizarre, almost poetic writing into a game that is almost impossible to describe. Imagine if EE Cummings writes a script for a fast and furious movie, you will be roughly on the right track.

22 years later, Racing Lagoon is Finally can play English-We have a fan translator named “Hilltop Works”, thank him for introducing his unique style into English, and in the process created the best game diss since “spoony bards”.