How the 20-year-old developer behind Choo-Choo Charles handles attention

Last week, the Internet responded enthusiastically to the announcement of Choo-Choo Charles, and the upcoming novel survival horror game finally confirmed our long-standing fear of trains with faces. As its release trailer has been viewed millions of times on Twitter, we talked to Gavin Eisenbeisz, the creator and developer of the game, to learn about his background and how he handles sudden attention, and learn more about it The way the game works.

This is a bit stressful, although I think the stress is mainly adrenaline.

Gavin Eisenberg

Eisenbeisz shared some additional game details Qiu Qiu Charles, Including some areas that make up its open world island setting. You will explore forested areas, beaches and mountains, as well as villages inhabited by the paper doll NPC shown in the trailer. When you do this, you will be chased by Charles, and initially you can only escape or repel him.