How the new director of Ares and Twilight brings a different perspective to the series

If you are familiar with the development of “God of War” in 2018, you will know how personalized Cory Barlog’s game is. The director of the game has long been talking about the importance of Kratos’ return to the PlayStation scene as a father-son story that pushes the violent Greek god to a more caring character. The gamble worked, and Sony Santa Monica was able to produce a well thought out epic story that took full advantage of the essence of the original series and brought it to a new audience.

But now that time is running out, Barlog will leave, leaving series veteran Eric Williams in charge of Kratos’ next adventure. In our chat with Williams, the newly announced game director told us about his struggles in the story of father and son and what he plans to bring to Ragnarok.

Williams said: “Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me and my wife.” “So I struggled with it. For example, what should I do? You know, luckily, we still have Many people like fathers, mothers, and parents, I can learn from the story. So I look at it from a different perspective. I think, okay, okay, there were a lot of people in the last game with a young man and a lot of adults . So there are many questions. There are many opinions. I mean, for example, how do we change this situation? So for Atreus, who has grown into a young man, there is a better perspective. So we want to find a way to make things better. Characters close to his age are brought in so we can see those different perspectives.”

The 2018 title found that Kratos was learning how to be a father and dealing with Atreus who grew up in a world he couldn’t fully understand. Despite this, Atreus has never really grown up and learned with people his age. With the addition of the last giant Angboda, the legend of Ragnarok has changed.

“When I was a kid, I looked at it, you know, dealing with parents and remembering all of this. So everyone has a different way. It might be like, oh, if you’re a parent, you’ll Look at it this way. You know, if you remember when you were a kid, maybe you can watch it that way. If you’re still young, you might cross that line, like fucking, like I got from both sides, I should What to do? This is where we get human conditions, it allows people to connect and enter the story in their own way.”

When asked what exactly Angrboda would do in Ragnarok’s story, the developer decided to postpone it to another time. Nonetheless, those familiar with Norse mythology know the potential for a romantic relationship with Kratos’s growing boy.

For more information about the Twilight of the Gods of War, be sure to check out the gameplay of the recent PlayStation Showcase!