How Tiny Tina’s Wonderland changed the Borderlands game

Of course, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands may be a first-person heist shooter game that contains some familiar faces from the existing Borderlands universe. However, the wild ride to check the formula with the tabletop role-playing game lens mixes many different components, and it tries to distinguish itself from the known templates while still maintaining some boisterous flavor.

I mean, the dungeon master is Little Tina. After all, this means that chaos is an integral part of the entire experience, and she may not be satisfied with following the rule book or modular design. We chatted with creative director Matt Cox and senior producer Kayla Belmore about the latest trailer and how Tiny Tina’s magnificent fantasy vision will come to life in the upcoming game. By the grand vision, I mean Butt Stallion is somehow part of the story. Humph.

So how will statistics work? Will you be the most attractive? Strength dumping point? How much desktop DNA will enter this field? There are many answers.

“So we do have some fantasy elements, such as spells and part-time jobs, you can choose your initial career, and then in the main quest line, you can choose a secondary career to really carry out part-time jobs,” Cox said. “Therefore, you can mix and match many elements related to the course selection and itself. Therefore, besides we also have melee weapons, armors with specific attributes can be associated with your build, and we do have, in addition to the skill points In addition, we have hero points. They are indeed related to the more classic desktop attributes. What you said is power. We have power, wisdom, dexterity, and things like creating our own characters in desktop fantasy games.”

There are six core professions to choose from, and although they have not been announced yet, you can assume that some core fantasy archetypes have appeared.

In addition, the “world” game board where your character is represented by their own little shaking head version allows players to choose a destination on land, simulating the look and feel of a tabletop game board.

“So, one thing that is very interesting is that your character performance and all the customizations you make actually appear in the main world,” Belmore said. “And because the main world is in the third person, when you play together, you can see all the players on the map.”

For those of you who want to be barbarians and knights wielding axes, the important point is that although melee attacks are important, apart from some strange constructions and legendary items, specialized melee constructions may not become a thing. On the contrary, melee combat can be easily integrated into your battle flow through perks, skills, or status effects. For example, these effects may enhance various other attacks to achieve a successful melee attack or enhance a single melee attack after you complete some other requirements, encouraging you You can enter and exit combat in various cycles of ranged, melee, and spell/ability use for optimal performance.

“When in doubt, the gun is still the star of this show, and it is really satisfying to use the crossbow bolt of a normal pistol to solve the problem,” Belmore said. “This is amazing.”

Yes, when things get too crazy to handle, you can still use the “ultimate” skills, and there are two options for each course.

Spells add another layer to things, with various uses and names. Not only will it shoot huge fireballs at the enemy, but there are also a large number of various spells to use, and there are also a large number of books to find, including self-casting abilities.

There is a core battle to be solved, but there are many side missions available to those who wish to enhance their character to use guns against elves. “Of course we have the main plot map. But there are complete maps on the side. They are almost like modules with independent plot lines connected to the main story, but not always connected to the main story. They are a bit like these interesting small side missions. It’s like a desktop module on top of a larger task.”

Of course, these expeditions to dark forests, damp caves, and creepy castles are not the only places you can hang out. No, we need a hub to decorate our characters and participate in various progress systems! The tavern (soda tavern) is one of the central areas of Brighthoof, and the city is a place where players hang out without slaughtering monsters and creating chaos.

Obviously, when we talk about spells and swords, it doesn’t make sense for engineering manufacturers to have things here, but yes, the gears are branded by the person who created them. Putting each gear into a similar system, just Appear in other games like us, such as Dahl, Jakobs, Hyperion, etc.

What is a tabletop role-playing game without rolling the dice? An event called a lucky challenge will allow you to roll d20 immediately and try to hit that big number, providing you with piles of powerful loot.

“Lucky dice are scattered all over the world,” Cox said. “So if you find them, it will actually roll in front of you and pop the numbers you get, which will correspond to the quality of the loot, and you escape from that lucky dice.”

Although we certainly haven’t fully understood all the ingredients of this messy cake, as we get closer and closer to the March 25, 2022 release date, more details will inevitably emerge. Are you looking forward to Little Tina’s Wonderland? Please let us know in the comments, and I wish you all go with the flow in your 20s.