How to assassinate Harriet in Deathloop

At the top of your list, a “special seminar” from the hangar in Carl Bay in the morning is Harriet, May be your first goal Endless loop, And the holder of the Nexus Slab that binds the fate of the enemy together.

Although this is one of the more straightforward assassination missions in Deathloop, there are a number of different ways to subtly adjust your route to land in a more concealed way—even slipping away without the gathered eternalists raising their eyebrows. .

If this is not your first rodeo, it is highly recommended that you use the Shift Slab ability-you may have already obtained it from Juliana-but it is not required.

As for the equipment, the silent nail gun is highly recommended again, you should have one now.

How to assassinate Harriet in Deathloop

First, when you enter Karl’s Bay from the tunnel under Blackreef, please investigate your surroundings.

After exiting, follow the road to the left and pass the Forever Young Mural and Gardens of Perception signs. On the other side, go down the stairs in front of you, then go around the corner to the right. Looking out from the roof in front of you, you should be able to see two large hangars.

Harriet is located in Hangar 2 in the upper right corner of the map. However, if you go straight there, you will find that it cannot penetrate from all directions.

The way Deathloop works is that unless a striped radio enemy sends an alert to the entire map, you can start fighting on one part of the map without alarming the other part of the enemy. This means that my favorite way to reach Harriet is through Hangar 1, either sneakily or with efficient noise.

In the following cycle, you can use the door code to sneak into the underground tunnel from Hangar 1 to Hangar 2, but it will take you into the middle of the eternalist land, so I don’t like to use it.

Instead, please slide into Hangar 1 and use the stairs on the side of the building furthest from Hangar 2 to the second floor. Then turn around the gantry and you will enter the corridor connecting the two hangars.

Crouch walks in, and the eternalist will be distracted by Harriet’s speech.

Looking to the other side of the hangar, one timelessist is suspended from a crane, and the other is suspended from another gantry.

You can ignore the person on the crane, because no matter what you do, he doesn’t seem to be hostile.

However, you can kill another eternalist on the gantry with a quiet headshot.

Now look to the right. There is a gap in the railing that allows you to jump onto the suspended wing and reach the other side of the hangar.

Walk along this dragon gate to Harriet. The door in front of you is locked, so look to the left and you will see a window that is blocked by a laser.

Walk through the suspended airplane wing to this window, if you have that slab, please move through it, or move to the left and use your nail gun to shoot the button next to the door.

If you open the door, go back and enter the office, or if you move inside, read and loot everything you like.

When you are done, go through the door on the other side of the bedroom and office and walk down the stairs in front of you.

On the right door are two eternalists guarding Harriet. If this is not your first loop, you can use Harriet’s own Nexus tablet and silently headshot the two guards together.

If you don’t have Nexus, it’s a bit tricky. You might have to make a loud noise, but you are very close to Harriet and dealing with her shouldn’t be too much trouble.

If you can kill the two guards effortlessly and climb behind Harriet, you can knock her down with a melee attack.

Collect her essence and Slab, and prepare to leave there Takao!

If this is your first run, and you have not done so, please go to her bedroom office and read the messages and notes scattered around and on her computer.

Otherwise, the quick way to get you to escape is through the electric gate directly behind her pulpit. Press the button on the left side of the door and rush for fresh air.

No matter how the task is carried out, today’s cycle is complete and you can move on to new prospects.

How to rescue the mask shop owner Amador on a crane

If you visit the Amador’s mask shop building before facing Harriet, you can get a goal to save him, and then come back to collect the reward. Although it is quite difficult in the first run, when you use Shift, it is very simple in subsequent runs.

You only need to kill or interrupt Harriet before he lowers his crane into the poisonous gas, which is very feasible for the above method.

If she has already started to put down the crane, once you defeat Harriet, the crane and gas controls are on her podium, so if they have already started, you can turn off the gas and raise the crane.

Another event in Carl Bay later in the day is the Super Shifty mission, where you can get the awesome inheritance gun-this is the way to get it.

Or to start a side mission, here is how to disrupt Updaam’s smoking competition.