How to build an empire with Saints Row’s crime adventure

When the new saints begin to build their core empire, it is vital for them to extend their influence to all parts of the city, not only for influence, but also for the money that comes with it. In the relaunched Saints Row, setting up side businesses around towns, or as Volition called, criminal venture investment will become a key activity, which will provide players with various customizations and items. These businesses allow the new saints to build various businesses around Saint Eliso. However, although it looks a little legal in the eyes of untrained people, these so-called side jobs are the core front of their illegal activities.

Crime adventure has various styles and business types, each with unique tasks to complete. You will initially enter the criminal enterprise in Saints HQ, which is the gang taking over and starting to build their own huge church. Inside the planning sheet is a city map with different plots purchased near San Eliso. Here, you will decide the criminal enterprise and location to be established.

We only have two VCs available for playing the game, each with a mission. The first one I tried was Chalupacabra, which is the appearance of a food truck, used to conveniently trade drugs in town, very much in line with the context of Los Pollos Hermanos. breaking Bad. Its introductory work allowed me to travel through town, steal a food truck from a current competitor company, and bring it back to the newly built retail store, making it our flagship lunch/pharmacy.

Bright Future is another Criminal Venture, an environmentally friendly recycling company that sends The Boss to look for trucks and haul large barrels of volatile toxic waste for disposal by large companies. Driving these payloads is dangerous, the barrels sway in the back and sometimes explode. To be successful, you must achieve your goals quickly and completely, because losing the first few containers usually results in the loss of more containers.

When talking with some developers involved in the side missions of entrepreneurship, they revealed that a total of 15 criminal venture capital companies will be placed around Santo Ileso in the base game, and more will be launched after the release. “Some of them are inspired by past Saints Row games, such as Insurance Fraud,” said Ray Hazlip, Saints Row project manager, who confirmed that this stupid self-destructing mini-game will return.

Lead producer Roje Smith said it is still “playing in traffic”, which sounds as interesting as ever in the context of Saints Row. And without going into details, they told us that one military surplus project involved weapons testing, and the other needed a new wing suit.

Each criminal adventure will receive unique rewards for the saints, such as the aforementioned experimental cannons, the boss’s new costumes that you will test, and even the hoverboard inspired by sitcoms. Some “weird” items, vehicles or weapons in the game will come from completing these illegal activities while gaining a wealth of experience to upgrade and maintain ample cash flow throughout the game.

Ultimately, the place where you put criminal venture capital around the city is a small piece of the world building that you as a player will bring into Saints Row. You have full control over which businesses are conducted in which open area, so that you can conveniently place the types of tasks that Venture might assign you, or if you just think it’s fun to stack toxic waste in the middle of the luxury town, so can you. In a sense, this is a form of customizing the city, using a layout that may be different from your friend’s layout in a way you like.

Saints Row seems to have a rich set of side missions, including criminal adventures, bringing some fan favorite activities back to people’s vision, and starting some new traditions in the process. As the release of “Saints Row” on February 25 gets closer, we may find more information about shady businesses.Until then, please click on the banner below to view our Saints Row Center to learn more about the game and read the digital cover story we now offer Game informant subscriber.