How to create a great RPG character

Whether you are a novice in the traditional RPG world or a pen and paper veteran, knowing how to make a great RPG character is a valuable skill, and it is not easy to come by. Sitting down from scratch can be daunting, especially when you are not sure where to start and theoretically you can be anyone in RPG. These are some of the tips, tricks and guidelines that I use to narrow down the choices in my game.

Everyone’s creative process is different, but I think the most helpful thing is to start by trying to choose a single concept. Keep your thoughts short and clear-I strive for a descriptive sentence for each idea-don’t limit yourself to finding the perfect sentence. Instead, every time you come up with one, write it down. The goal here is to get a series of ideas (or combinations!) throughout the process, not to get stuck in finding a perfect idea for a silver bullet. Here are some examples:

  • A clumsy young spellcaster who lacks self-confidence and confuses their spells.
  • The only son of a stingy money changer who wants to escape, travel around the world, and watch the sea.
  • The former leader of the street gang began to turn a new page on the larger stage.