How to get free jewelry and gold

By Josh Broadwell
June 15, 2021 17:46 GMT

Anime mania code The easiest way to complete a character roster with gems and other materials.

Normally, you need to grind a significant amount to get Gems by playing the levels repeatedly. These codes don’t give endless jewels in anime enthusiasts, but they are enough to roll some characters. More importantly, you can also level them up.

New code will be released on a regular basis, so check back every few weeks.

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What is an Anime Mania Code?

Anime Mania Code gives you free jewelry and gold. Use gems to summon new characters, but gold is just as important. With gold, you can get a feed character. If you’re wondering what an anime mania feed character is, it’s almost the same as what it sounds like.

Feed characters exist only to mulch into the power of playable characters. You can’t play as them or use them in any other way, but they are essential to leveling up your team.

New anime enthusiast codes are usually dropped monthly to match anime-related announcements and game milestones. The code list is updated with new and expired code.

How to redeem an anime mania code

When you launch the game, you will see a “Code” prompt on the left side of the screen. Select it, add the code and press submit to get the reward.

All working anime mania codes

These are anime mania codes that are working as of June 2021.

All working anime mania codes
code reward region
I chased you 50 gems and 100 gold World wide
MHAR release? 500 gems World wide
miracle Jewels and gold World wide
Arik 650 gems and 1,000 gold World wide
SPG Blackstar 500 gems World wide
Desi 650 gems and 1,000 gold World wide
Hunter x Hunter Update Jewels and gold World wide
atlastZerO 500 gems and 1,000 gold Around the world, some reports have expired

Expired Anime Mania Code

If you try to enter the code and it doesn’t work, it’s probably included in this list.

Expired Anime Mania Code # Colspan #
Ethereal Miracool 500 gems and gold
etherealmiraclE 500 gems and gold
100K! 1,000 gems and 3,000 gold
maruto2? 600 gems and 1,000 gold
OFFSM00K 350 gems and 1,000 gold
OffMeno 1,000 jewels
Off-clan Jewels and gold
100 MILVISITS 1,500 gems and 10,000 gold
Stress test 450 gems and gold
Star 625 gems and 1,000 gold

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