How to get free skins in SlitherIO

Slither IO You can already customize the Slythery Hero in multiple ways, SlitherIO code Please go further.

Thanks to developer Steve Howse, wings, ties, wigs and ridiculous outfits are all away from the code. Most of the existing code doesn’t expire, so new Slither IO code doesn’t come out often, but it’s a fair trade-off.

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What does the Slither IO code provide?

The Slither IO Code offers a new set of cosmetics to decorate your slither. Each cord usually provides a helmet, some kind of eyeglasses, and a hairstyle. However, some come with additional glasses and skins.

In any case, these are all purely superficial and do not affect the progress of the game or your chances with others.

Is there an invisible skin code for Slither IO?

As of June 2021, there are no hidden skin codes for SlitherIO. The only reliable way to get an invisible skin for Slither IO is to use a mod. There is no practical code to make it bigger.

How to use SlitherIO code

When you launch the game, you’ll see a Code Redemption section on the right. A large purple calculator is attached to the word, so it’s hard to miss.

Click on it and enter the code to take advantage of the benefits.

All working SlitherIO code

These are all active SlitherIO code. As mentioned above, the update frequency is low. We will update this list as new ones are released, so check back regularly.

All working SlitherIO code
code: reward: region:
0056-6697-1963 Helmet, wings, crown World wide
0577-9466-2919 Cat eyeglass, red cloak World wide
0368-9044-0388 Deerstalker hat, bat wings World wide
0139-6516-0269 Rabbit ears, visor World wide
0150-6765-3242 Joke glasses, mustaches, monocles, heart glasses World wide
0351-6343-0591 Pink star glasses, unicorn horns, blonde wig World wide
0465-2156-5071 Reindeer horns, black wig, spiral hypnotic glasses World wide
0295-1038-1704 Starglass, brown wig, bluegrass World wide
0334-1842-7574 Baseball cap and headphones World wide
0309-9703-3794 Red wig, green tie, headband with spikes World wide
0068-5256-3709 Bear ears, angel wings, graduation cap World wide

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