How to hide headgear in the new world and find luxury cosmetic rewards

There is nothing like the frustration of not being able to find the deluxe bonus items that you have spent a lot of money to get you out of the troubles of the early game.Similarly, there is nothing to make the role-playing your role glamorous New world The character is like being stuck in a stupid helmet.

This is How to hide headgear in the new world And how to wear Lumberjack Set Deluxe Edition Bonus Cosmetics.

Where can you find the Lumberjack Set Deluxe Edition rewards and other cosmetics in the New World?

To find and equip the woodcutter suit in the new world, Right click on any corset or leggings.

At the bottom of the list that appears, scroll down to the bottom and it shows “Change the skin”.

This will display a list of all cosmetics available in the new world. At the end of the list, you will find woodcutter jackets and leggings, and since this is your first time outfitting them, they should be marked with the word “new”.

In the new world, you can wear different decorations individually, so you must check each piece of armor you wear and change the skin to make a full set.

Or, you can just wear a woodcutter jacket and supplementary armor-or leggings go well with many different bras.

To remove the makeup again, go back to the “Change Skin” menu, there is an option at the top to delete it, and then only the original armor will be displayed.

How do you hide your helmet and other headgear in the new world?

For the same reason, if you right-click on any helmet or headgear in the inventory and scroll down to the bottom option-“Replace Skin”-there is an additional option specific to headgear that allows you to hide armor parts.

The “Hide Headgear” option is near the bottom of the list, under the woodcutter’s headgear.

This allows you to show off your fashionable hairstyle to other people in Aeturnum, and if you prefer to see their faces more clearly, it will give your character more personal style.

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