How to make Wallheim cartography table and its function

The Valheim drawing table is a new addition to the fireplace and home update, bringing the long-awaited update.

You need a lot of materials to make it, but fortunately, they are items you can collect in the early stages of your adventure. It will be more convenient if you follow Iron Gate’s recommendations and restart your Valheim game before downloading Hearth and Home.

Wallheim charting | What is the role of a charting table

Valheim’s new chart allows you to share your map with others. Given the procedural nature of the game, this is helpful, but it is more than just showing your friends what your world looks like.

You can import any markers, points of interest, or even text you enter as notes on the map, and then share it with others. If you play the game on a dedicated Valheim server, sharing this data makes it easier to fully explore and understand the map.

Use the “Record Discovery” function on the cartographic map to take a snapshot of everything on the map, and then “read the map” for others to see.

Wallheim charting | How to make a charting table

This is the condition required to make a drafting table

  • 10 fine wood -Cut down birch and oak trees
  • 10 Bone Fragments -Defeat the skeletons in the Black Forest
  • 2 bronze -Combine 2 copper and 1 tin in your forge
  • 5 Leather waste -Defeat the wild boar
  • 4 raspberries — Harvest on the grass

If you have trouble tracking wild boars in Walheim, check out our guide to domestication and breeding of boars, so you won’t be short of leather waste. The brand new Vikings in Iron Gate’s fantasy simulation game also have a good understanding of how to visit each biome. This is a big world, and it is more difficult to unlock than you think.