How to play with friends and cross-server play in New World

If you want to know how to play with friends in the new world, then you are not alone.

The fun of MMO depends on the people you play with, but New World is not keen to clarify the process. Unlike other MMOs, there are some restrictions on who you can play with.

How to play with friends in the new world

You can join friends immediately after completing the initial tutorial, although some of your interactions with them won’t be unlocked until later. Press “Escape” to open the menu, and you will see a small icon in the upper left corner. The icon is not marked, but it is a social menu.

Clicking it will open various options, but the search bar is what you need to add friends. You must manually search for friends using their new world name (not their Steam name), and then click their name to send a friend request.

Below is the group menu, where you can manage company affairs and invite people to join your company.

After reaching level 10, you can also initiate PvP duels with your friends. Make sure you have good armor and decent construction.

How to play with friends in New World-New World Cooperative

The new world makes it a little tricky for you to team up with your friends to complete tasks, at least initially. After completing the tutorial on the haunted beach, you will spawn at random points on the normal beach.Talk to the task provider to start completing your initial tutorial, but don’t talk to him again for now

Waiting to meet your friends, and then start the task of finding the mysterious old man. Otherwise, you must wait until the task chain to start performing tasks with friends.

If you are not sure where your friends are, be sure to form a group first. Click the icon below the social menu icon and add your friends to the group. You will see their name displayed on the screen in blue, and there is a waypoint marker showing their location.

How to play with friends in the new world-how to play in the new world

The problem is that you can only do this with friends who are playing in the same world. New world cross-server games are not the same thing when MMO is released, nor are cross-world games. If you are still in the early stages of the adventure or do not want to play alone, it is worth coordinating the server and world you want to join before starting. You can also create an additional character in the new world.

Amazon also allows players to change the world for free within two weeks after launch to help solve server problems.

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