How to raise the team bond level

TheĀ· Scarlet Nexus Team Bond Level Is associated with each bond level and opens in the middle of the game.

The benefits of increasing the level of team bonds are not as convenient as the rank-up rewards for individual bonds. However, it’s worth pursuing just to get the most out of your interactions with each character you meet.

The problem is that the Scarlet Nexus deployment is so vague that even if the team bond level seems to ben’t working, the guide explains how everything is combined.

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Scarlet Nexus Team Bond Level

Team Bond begins in Standby Phase 5 after a second confrontation between certain characters in Kikuchiba. After returning to the hideout, a new tutorial will pop up to briefly explain what the level is.

The main point to raise the team bond level is to unlock new locks Team Bond episode.. As the name implies, these revolve around the entire team, not just the protagonist and specific characters.

It also unlocks new outfits at a particular rank and later matches the outfits of other teams. However, some ranks are not rewarded.

Scarlet Nexus Team Bond Rewards

Everything you get from raising your team bond level is here.

Scarlet Nexus Team Bond Level Scarlet Nexus Team Bond Level
level unlock
1 nothing
2 White clothes for your team
3 nothing
Four Team Bond episode
Five Matching white outfits from other teams

Is the Scarlet Nexus Team Bond Level not working?

Don’t worry, it’s working. In short, the Scarlet Nexus Team Bond Level is like the sum of the individual bond levels.Your team bond level is It only goes up to the lowest bond level with one of your teammates.

For example, suppose you have a fireworks, gem, and thrush bond rank of 3, and a Luka bond rank of 1. The team bond level cannot exceed 1 until Luka’s bond level is raised.

In other words, it will take some time to raise the level of team bonds, but this feature will work. Gifts increase the level of ties with each character, so if your Scarlet Nexus relationship is stuck, start giving out gifts.

You won’t miss much by not watching the Team Bond episodes, but you can work on raising your team level anyway. The best and most flashy SAS abilities are unleashed as the level of individual bonds rises, so it’s worth the time to raise them all.

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