How to slide and kick runaway boulders in Fortnite

to get rid of a disease sliding kick In Fortnite? As part of this week’s challenge, you’ll need to slide a kicker into an out-of-control boulder. Chances are you’ve already swiped your way around the map, so doing a swipe kick is easy – you just need to focus on making contact. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to do a swipe kick.

How to do a sliding kick in Fortnite

The swipe feature has been around for a while – you just press the left Ctrl button while running or sprinting to swipe. If you’re going downhill, getting into the slide is a great way to get rid of opponents quickly, especially wolves and shiny chrome pigs.

However, to perform a sliding kick, you must Contact with an opponent or object. If you stop a few inches, then you need to try again. Your best bet is to sprint and slide towards your opponent and make contact with them, which will automatically activate the kick. The only effort you need is to reach them, which, to be fair, is more difficult than it sounds.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

To complete this week’s challenge, you’ll need to keep sprinting and sliding into the boulder until it falls off. You can damage it with a weapon or pickaxe beforehand to speed things up. Make sure you have a weapon on hand to take out any opponents lurking nearby.