Humble starts dropping support for Mac and Linux

Humble Bundle is a digital storefront that has regularly offered game bundles since 2010, with the promise of profits being split between charities and developers. I’m sure we’ve all bought at some point, because Humble does generate some shocking deals, and some of the other principles of Humble are important to users: Part of the hype from the start has been Linux support.

Valve has made great strides in Linux support in recent years, but until then, Humble has insisted that games in the company’s bundles must support both Linux and Mac. Linux games apparently exist in a strange place, simply because some developers (rightly or wrongly) believe that the Linux version has little commercial value: so Valve’s strategy is Proton, a “compatibility layer” that basically allows Windows games to run in Linux operating system and reduce the burden on individual developers.

Regardless of the broader context, Humble is now moving away from Mac and Linux with its flagship subscription service, Humble Choice. The way this sub works is changing from multi-tier to a single tier for $12 per month, which lets you get some monthly game giveaways, as well as access to the Humble Trove of older games and the Humble Games Collection of recent games. This new offer comes with a new requirement for the Humble launcher app, which is great because I’ve run out of apps and it’s going to be Windows only.

(Image credit: Humble Bundle)

Redditor Kabuki Star Posted an email They received from Humble to Humble Choice members, Titled “Retiring the Mac and Linux Trove Game”: