Hunt: Showdown, Judgment and Blood Bowl 2 can play Gold and Game Pass Ultimate for free this weekend

Hunt: Showdown, Judgment, and Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition will be free for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members this weekend.

The free event starts today and continues until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, September 19, which is 2:59 AM EST, and 7:59 AM on Monday, September 20, UK.

As usual, if you like to play something, you can purchase the game and other versions at a limited time discount and continue to play the game while maintaining your player scores and achievements.

If you are not familiar with Crytek’s first-person shooter Hunting: Showdown, You should know that it mixes PvE and PvP elements. This means that as a bounty hunter, you not only have to deal with the dangers of roaming in the environment, but also the dangers from other players.

The game is full of monsters wandering in the swamps of Louisiana. Your goal is to destroy these creatures and get rewards. If you fail, death will deprive you of your character and equipment. Fortunately, your experience will not disappear, because it will remain in your hunter pool, which is your bloodline.

There are also competitions in the game. There are up to five teams at the beginning of each game, and each team scrambles to eliminate monsters and collect bounties. Once the team finds and defeats the monsters to receive the bounty, they will immediately become the target of other hunters on the map.

The current in-game event Light the Shadow is now going on, during which you must choose a path: hunting bow or throwing axe. This choice will determine your fate in the event. During the game, you will collect activity points to unlock legendary weapons and hunters.

judge You can also try it for free this weekend. If you are interested in “The Lost Trial”, then this game should give you an idea of ​​what to expect for the sequel.

Judgment, developed by the people who brought you the Yakuza series, tells the story of the shameful lawyer Takayuki Yagami seeking salvation. Haunted by his own past, he took up arms to become a private investigator and investigated a series of terrible murders through the underground criminal network of Kamuromachi.

Note: The trial only applies to Xbox Series X/S.

The third game to play for free this week is Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition. The game is a turn-based strategy game with a background set in the world of Warhammer and fusion of American football.

Based on the board game of the same name, Blood Bowl 2 has a single player mode in which you can take charge of Reikland Reavers. This former star team wants to regain its glory, and your job is to do it in a complete story campaign. Each game of the event is unique, and unexpected and surprising events will bring a new experience every time.

The multiplayer game mode continues to be online, where you will create and manage your own team. The team consists of one of the eight races from the world of Warhammer: humans, orcs, dwarves, rat people, high elves, dark elves, chaos, and ba Tonya. While playing the game, you will develop your team, earn XP and unlock new skills. But be careful, because on the court, all losses are permanent.

You can organize fully customizable tournaments, from qualifiers to finals, and use the transfer market to buy and sell your players to build your Blood Bowl dream team.

As the legendary version of the game, it comes with a core game, official expansions, as well as Nordic, Undead, Nurgle, Khemri, Lizardman, Wood Elf, Chaos Dwarf and Necromancer.