I am your man comment: a sci-fi romance about dating AI instead of fighting them

Artificial intelligence—robots, cyborgs, humanoid robots, and all jazz—is usually divided into two schools in science fiction. They are either the overlord of mankind or our slaves, and any friction between us and them is caused by differences in these levels of authority.It’s tricky to imagine an engineering entity as an equal period, but the German science fiction romance I am your man Deal with this idea with thoughtful care.

In this reasonably-paced, unexpectedly interesting film, German director and co-author Maria Schrader considers the romantic temptation, the requirements of partnership, and the moral issues we owe to creatures made specifically to meet our needs. (I am your man Will be a nice dual feature with Christian Petzold Anding, Schad’s fellow German filmmakers explored the same three ideas from a fantasy perspective rather than a science fiction perspective. ) Is our happiness so important that it should be the only motivation for others? Can robots created by humans have the same free will as humans? If everything about artificial intelligence reflects the qualities of human beings, does this mean that our mistakes-or our selfishness, or our cruelty-are our heritage?

The script was co-written by Schrader and Jan Schomberg through a dialogue between university professor and language researcher Alma (Marlen Eggert) and the humanoid robot Tom (Dan Stevens), Naturally solving these problems with a pleasant humorous rhythm, she agreed to live for three months. Alma is not interested in love or company, but when the Dean Roger (Fali Lusek) promised that she would provide additional research funding if she reported her experience with Tom, she was forced to participate in the research.

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The question is whether humanoids should be given human rights, such as the ability to work, get married, or travel. Alma and nine other study participants agreed to investigate whether artificial intelligences like Tom are “human enough” to gain basic dignity and freedom. Tom is considered to be her perfect man, who meets all her specifications, desires and requirements. Usually, Alma spends her time with observers, observing the people she is drinking alone in a nearby bar, observing the students in the university, or observing the people on the street below her upper balcony. The subtle changes in Egert’s facial expressions capture a series of reactions to her voyeurism, and these subtleties reflect a woman who is so accustomed to being alone that she mistakes it for virtue.

In theory, Tom meets the requirements that Alma wants. He was so handsome that when he walked into their laboratory, a graduate student working with Alma almost passed out. He was polite, opened the door, tipped the service staff, and offered coffee to a former Alma who unexpectedly appeared in her apartment. But when Alma kept commenting on Tom’s human behavior, he was alienated, closed, and even harsh. In their first meeting (a clever scene, before revealing Tom’s status, like a bad date), Alma looked disgusted when an operating system malfunction caused Tom to repeat himself over and over again. In her home, she laughed at his algorithm, and when he was confused about her disinterest in him, she said, “This is human.” Will they sleep in the same bed as the show? Absolutely not.

Egert and Stevens have a good contrasting energy. Her unmoved expression, indifferent barbs and indifferent body language gleamed against his gentle smile and smoother body. Their interaction often involves Alma actively asking for answers, while Tom’s amiable acquiescence. (“So, what happened to your penis?”) When Tom began to question what Alma really wanted, this push and pull became so sure, it was a refreshing change in rhythm.

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Although Stevens is reminiscent of Michael Fassbender’s David with his precise and efficient actions, Tom is cunningly humorous and meaningful self-awareness rather than oozing threats.When Alma asked about his body’s requirements for the bathroom, Stevens’s proud line “I brush my teeth and clean my body” was that kind of strange and pleasant moment. I am your man Good at.

But this movie is not all about mischief and the romance of the enemy to the lover, and its other tragic minor plots add to the popularity. Alma’s research on how early written language used poetry and metaphors to decompose administrative texts reflects the greater philosophical thinking of movies about the happiness and spontaneous needs of daily life. Her interactions with her elderly father and ex-boyfriend who left quickly after breaking up also add to the background to support the central thesis of the film about how our roles in other people’s lives challenge us to surpass ourselves.

I am your man Using Alma’s argument, even though we may think that we are alone, our mutual connection is part of the social contract of living in society, and it is also the shared responsibility of doing our best to improve society. “He is a machine. He can’t feel anything,” Alma insisted to Tom, then I am your man Thankfully, she did not say that she was truly indifferent, as expected. instead, I am your man Provides an equally whimsical and melancholic perspective of human nature. Its intimacy is the gratifying rhythmic change in science fiction. This type often mistakes violence and colonialism as the only driving force of drama.

I am your man It will be released in theaters on September 24, 2021, and will debut on digital rental services on October 12.