I drew Shrek fan art from my memory

It’s Shrek’s 20th anniversary, so we celebrated it like everyone else. I invited all my colleagues to Zoom Call and forced them to draw Shrek. It’s team bonding for you!

Beloved demons have had a huge impact on pop culture for the past 20 years, but what does it really mean to capture the essence of Shrek? How can I draw a multi-layered character on simple paper? I’m not sure, but it’s true that Shrek did his best.

Whose Shrek is Shrek? Analyze the choices below and carefully review each artist’s statement to determine the one Shrek that dominates everything.

Simone de Rochefort

“I remembered some important things about Shrek. His strange little ears, a smiling face with teeth, and the fact that he was wearing a vest. I remembered Shrek having long, luscious lashes. I think I was the only one. In fact, I can’t say I did anything technically Wrong Here, except for that, obviously I did. “

Susana Polo

Shrek sketch

“I made more decisions here based on Shrek’s rosy view than is clearly true. Is Shrek wearing tights? Is his best very small? He I think I remembered that he wore shoes instead of barefoot, but to be honest, he didn’t want to draw his toes, but he remembered the most important part, the swamp. “

Ryan Gilliam

    Shrek computer drawing

“Today I was told to draw Shrek. Shrek is multifaceted, but for me Shrek vaguely wears Scottish trousers and sweats to match the Scottish accent. My Shrek has basic Shrek features such as eyes, teeth, legs, arms, and weird antennas, but to make the work more realistic, I add what I know to it. And mixed it. My Shrek is very sweaty because it lives in a swamp. You can see brown spots on his body and sweat under his arms. I Shrek is proud of his native Scotland, despite living in a swamp outside the town of ???, Durlock. To show his patriotism, my Shrek , Wearing checkered trousers featuring red and green (a shade darker than his skin), as is customary in bugpipes and other Scottish ones. “

Matt patch

Shrek drawing

“Last year I spent a lot of time drawing Totoro, which may be informing me of my Shrek variant.”

Cass Marshall

Shrek computer drawing

“I always felt that Shrek wasn’t a fool who yelled at people to make him think so. There’s kindness there. Shrek is kinder, gentler, and more graceful. “

Petrana Ladurovich

Buff shrek sketch

“Basically, I was like,’What if Shrek … but traditionally it’s hot?’ And I can’t pull back. I’m sorry Shrek’s thumb is gone, but at least your pun I remembered a small vest and strong eyebrows. “

Chelsea Stark

Shrek whiteboard drawing

“In Shrek, I think only teeth are important. Yes, he’s a” multifaceted being, “but like 50% toothed green, 10% ears, and a few other combinations. It is also a thing. Does my Shrek have a body? No. But he still has layers. “