I learned to like Unsighted’s ticking death clock

Time limits are stressful, and when you relax at the end of the day playing games, time limits don’t seem appropriate. There are enough deadlines in my life, Videogame, what do you think you are doing to increase? When I saw that Unsighted can choose to turn off the time limit in its accessibility options, I wanted to check it. But I didn’t. They proved to be one of the most memorable things in this wonderful game.

Unsighted is about a robot that gains consciousness after a mysterious crystal meteor falls into the city of Arcadia. This triggered a war between robots and humans because I think we would rather our vacuum cleaners and mining equipment not refute or start claiming rights. You play as a robot-the last combat robot at the end of the war. Humans control the meteor and prevent it from spreading the “anima” that gives robots free will. Without it, you and all your friends are destined to become unconscious monsters called eyewitnesses, because your inner heart supplies are exhausted one by one.

(Image source: Humble Games)

Humans have basically won, and are only timing it until the referee calls it. As soon as the prologue is over, your time begins to pass, and so does every automaton you encounter. It’s under their name on every conversation screen. “579 hours left,” one person said, which seemed to be a long time. Then I met Teresa, a robot farmer who looked like an old woman, and there were 23 hours left. Suddenly, I felt that I should twist.