I want to like Riders Republic, but I can’t get rid of everything I hate

Ubisoft’s new open-world action sports game “Riders Republic” did not let us experience it first. So, while you wait for our full review, here are some thoughts on the game nearly ten hours later. We hope to post a formal comment sometime next week.

I think the best way to describe Riders Republic is to tell you its soundtrack.Specifically, two songs are highlighted and played nausea Almost every race and goal.

The first song is “All I Want” from The Offspring’s 1997 album People on Ixnay. If the name does not ring immediately, it may be best known for the song in Crazy Taxi. You know, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes” songs. that.

The second is a cover of Cullio’s 1996 iconic song “The Gangster’s Paradise”, softly sung by Les Ukulélés Girls and starred by artist Zita. Instead of the original bass and drums, and the almost icy keyboard lead, it’s the soft ukulele, because a woman creates her own melody to assure you that she is actually a “local”. ‘d out gangsta, set trippin’ banger.” Actually, before we continue, I think you need to listen to it yourself. This is really one of the worst things I have ever heard of in my life.

I proposed these two songs because I think they fully summarize all the problems of Riders Republic. “Everything I Want” is iconic for a reason. It was incorporated into Dreamcast’s Crazy Taxi at a critical moment in open world game design. Although today we largely believe that Sega Dreamcast is a failure, the Sega console is full of fascinating and unique games. Yes, they are commercial products released by a large company, but games like Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi are aimed at a whole new audience of teenagers and young people, because they understand and live in this youth culture by themselves Made by people. The inclusion of songs like “All I Want” in Crazy Taxi is iconic because it talks to the audience at the time. It is a cool and unique thing that bands like The Offspring appear in video games, especially bands like Crazy Taxi.

I don’t want to talk nonsense, but I think “gangsta paradise” has a similar place in popular culture. It tells a specific time and place in Coolio’s life, and aims to resonate with people related to his lyrics. Distilling the emotion of that original song into a badly sung and chopped ukulele cover first destroys the specialness of the original song.

The same goes for putting popular songs from another game Crazy Taxi into your big budget action sports game. You don’t need a genius to see what Ubisoft is doing-trying to profit from specific and important cultural milestones in its own commoditized way. Please note that there are four songs by The Offspring in this game. Four. In 2021. In addition to the two songs from Green Day’s latest album, Father of all things… You know, that Green Day album that everyone knows and loves.

Who is this game for?

Riders Republic is eager to make you think it is cool. all the time. For the past 20 years, it keeps throwing you slang that people outside of Ubisoft’s writer’s office have said. Regarding the constant joke about breaking the “new level of steeze”, no matter what it means, everyone has no sense of self or irony. Every time you scroll through a certain part of the game map or around the world, it will be played over and over again in the non-skippable dialogue prompt. The first time was not cool; this was the unbearable 12th time. When I finally heard it for the 100th time, I was afraid of what I would do.

This has the same problem as the game’s soundtrack. Most of the content of this game is racing. Every time you load into a game, I estimate that there is an 80% chance of playing a song by The Offspring or a cover song by Coolio. There are different types and radio stations in the game, but once you enter a big game, the game will have a predetermined soundtrack. Participate in more than a dozen games, you are likely to listen to the same three songs more than a dozen times. Once, during my participation in the competition, “All I Want” was played twice in a row. I considered throwing my PlayStation 5 off the cliff.

What annoys me so much about “Riders Republic” is that it is an excellent racing game under its cool and avant-garde attempts at insincere. The vast open world of Riders Republic is based on the large number of actual parks in the United States—such as Mammoth and Yosemite—that are dreamlike, large, and constantly changing. I blistered from the snowy mountain on my skis, then took off from the ramp, rose into the air, put on my wing suit, I used it to slide back to the ground, and switched to my mountain bike at the last second to complete my journey Sea level is constantly exhilarating-especially if you play first person, it makes everything feel faster than humans.

The games are all fun-despite the music.In a race with up to 63 other players, when you crash into your opponents, trying desperately to beat them instead of riding off the edge of a steep cliff is fun and challenging, and Refreshing.

It is very good to test my skills through various sports. Whether you are ready or not, multisport competitions will force you to switch from bicycles to wingsuits, snowboards and more. This is a great way to test players, allowing them to use all the mechanics of Riders Republic. When you can complete a complex and long game, it will bring you great satisfaction.

Participating in the great part of Riders Republic also means participating in many things that I find unbearable. This is really unfortunate.Because I like the things of the Cavaliers Republic, I real like. Hell, I love them. But what I hate goes deep into my skin in a way that there are few games. I really want to like this game, but this game seems to be bent on not letting this happen.

To be fair, at this point, most action sports have been commercialized and corporatized, beyond people’s understanding. However, forcing myself to play “Riders Republic” hour after hour, I still can’t overcome the feeling of the whole thing. The car is great, but everything else makes it feel like developers look at a world they don’t care about really understanding, and then try to replicate it without knowing how to connect with the ostensible audience or the people they imitate. This is a cultural condor in the form of a video game. Writing and music are examples of various ways that Riders Republic cannot understand.

The Cavaliers Republic wants you to think That’s cool, It knows what is cool, and it will give you a crash course on how to be cool. But I think that even the most lame person on the planet will see through its appearance. Common sense should indicate that the collection of The Offspring’s songs in 2021 is not “a whole new level.” All the actual sponsorship in the game does not come from a company like Ford. There is absolutely nothing more punk rock than the F150, right? The atmosphere is Annoying and boring. I don’t know if interesting racing mechanics can solve this problem.