Ian Flynn: Sonic Frontier’s melancholy theme puts Sonic’s never-say-die attitude to the test

Sonic the Hedgehog writer Ian Flynn has Talk to IGN About the upcoming Sonic Frontiers game that will be released later this year on current platforms including the Nintendo Switch. The mysterious Sonic Frontiers, he said, offered him a very different way to write what he’s written in the past, one that centers on melancholic feelings and takes a positive approach to getting through. He goes on to say that it’s about how past tragedies caught up with Sonic, leading him to a new adventure in Frontiers. Sonic must stay strong to rescue his friends and collect the stolen Chaos Emeralds. Mr Flynn put it this way:

Sonic Frontiers General Story:

“Sonic, Tars, and Amy travel to the Starfall Islands to investigate the disappearance of the Chaos Emerald. Dramatic events take an immediate turn, and Sonic is left with a lot of questions. This is the story of him uncovering all the island’s mysteries and saving him A journey of friends and discovering how everything is connected.”

Sonic Frontier Theme:

“Melancholy” is a good word for the whole story. Sonic’s indomitable spirit accompanies him throughout his adventure, allowing him to help each of his friends solve their own personal challenges. The identities of other people you meet will be shaped by their interactions with Sonic, which isn’t always a comfortable process. Then there are the secrets of the Starfall Islands themselves, and how past tragedies lead to today’s adventures. Sonic’s “never say never” attitude was undoubtedly put to the test. “