Icarus live-action trailer is about what happens when things go wrong

“Icarus” is an upcoming sci-fi co-op survival game by Rocketwerkz of Day Z creator Dean Hall. It is scheduled to be released on December 4 and a “Lore” video was released during the preparation period, showing the game’s more in-depth narrative method. . The above are the representatives of various survivors of Icarus and UDA (the game’s slimy company), who discussed an exploration team that suffered a disaster on the planet. It does a good job of establishing the basic setting of reckless and noble grunts into an incredibly hostile golden environment.

This surpassed Hall’s previous game attempts in terms of details and production value. The origin of Day Z as a mod may be the reason for its sparse construction of your own sense of adventure, where the greatest story is dominated by the player. This can be said to be an element that many modern battle royale lack, focusing more on gun battles and conventional encounters.