Icarus softens stance on permanent death with mission insurance

The permanent death of Icarus remains an issue. Back in late December, developer RocketWerkz Thousands of characters resurrected from the grave, a victim left on Earth after a mission timer expires in a session-based survival game. It’s the only way to experience true character death in Icarus – if you don’t hitch a rocket back into space before the mission timer resets, you’ll lose your character and all their skill progression forever (though in space Items crafted in your other characters can still use the station).

The massive resurrection in December was due to a potential player misunderstanding of how perma-death works in Icarus. “For new players learning the game, it may not be clear enough to us that unless you return to your transport before the timer expires, you will lose your character forever — abandoned on the face of the earth,” RocketWerkz said at the time. “While these issues don’t affect all players, it’s painful when you lose a character unfairly.”