Id Software is hiring, maybe for a new Quake?

Zenimax website currently has a bunch of open Career Opportunities At id Software’s Texas branch, some of them mentioned that these positions will be involved in “the development of the long-running iconic action FPS.” Assuming that the German headquarters still uses Machine Games and Rage with Avalanche, then Doom and Quake will be the only id games that meet the requirements-unless your personal definition of FPS somehow includes Commander Keen.

The work list repeatedly mentions “sci-fi and fantasy” when it mentions the environment. This sounds like an earthquake. After this year’s remake of the original, this is a brand new plot. This will be a good time to follow up. Rumors about Quake restarting earlier this year id and Machine Games are developing single and multiplayer modes, as well as a female protagonist, although all of this is worth the usual amount of salt.