if…?Episode 8 remakes the Avengers: The Endgame of the Watchmen

Episode 8 if…?, The unexpected depression of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney Plus Series, break the rules.Watchmen, the mission of a universe is to observe the earth, living in Marvel comics and if…? Series: Don’t interfere with the event, just pay attention to what happened. The observer is the perfect substitute for the audience: what better way to imagine the audience than being a spectator unable to participate in the story?

As if…? Production designer Paul Lasaine told Polygon earlier this season that “Watchmen” is both a narrative and a visual concept.Director Brian Andrews wanted an omniscient and diverse role (by WestworldJeffrey Wright) “basically invisible at first”, then slowly appeared in the background of the episode until “he became more physically vigorous”. Ryan Meindering, head of visual development at Marvel Studios, combined this idea with other Marvel legends to make it more effective on the screen.

“The idea is to compare his visual effects to more similar to how eternal In the comics, he is more like a background, where you can see the space, you see the time, you see all the things he talks about in his narrative,” Meindering said. “If we want to put the “Watchmen 》When it is made into a movie, the situation may be quite different. In this show, let him be the entry point of each episode, let him be the narrator who speaks from an authoritative standpoint, I think all of these are to evoke the feeling of the observer from the comics. “

In “What if… Ultron wins?” The observer not only becomes “more tangible”, but in the end, appears in his own alternate timeline version Avengers: Endgame. The whole if…? The series has really been leading this.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for What If…? episode 9.]

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In “What if… Ultron wins?” The Avengers failed to destroy the sentient, vicious artificial intelligence that Tony Stark once described as “armor around the world.” Ultron finally lived in the body of Vision, and began a killing spree. When the Crazy Titan arrived on Earth with Infinite Gems, he conducted a nuclear test on the Earth and then cut Thanos (not that beautiful one) in half.inside Avengers: Infinity War In this timeline, Ultron uses the power of infinite gems to infuse his alloy body to destroy everything, from Asgard to Sakar, to the living planet self.

The final power finally made him aware of the existence of observers and the possibility of transcending the entire multiverse, including the parallel universe where Steve Rogers became the president of the United States. Somehow, after the episode focuses on the destruction of the entire reality by Doctor Strange and the Marvel Zombie Apocalypse, the superhero savior has little hope, and this episode is the most bleak.

So the watchman stood up and fought. This battle is one of the most victorious and exciting moments of the show. so far, if…? Most of them are contained in the known events of the Marvel Universe, which has killed the possibility of some stories. The series did not promote the fascinating Marvel twists and turns that led to their own internal drama and bets, but mainly solved the problem of redesigning known characters and jumping from reference settings to reference settings.The plot is not very good story, Mainly because they are variants of movies ingrained in the brains of Marvel fans. But in the background, the creator has been constructing a moment of narrative freedom: introducing the observer as a dimensional role, and a unique story that explores the ethical boundaries of God’s general entity.

Very like Eternal race Preparing to take place in November (the trailer hints at the post-Blip liquidation of the all-rounder), “What if… Ultron wins?” Forcing observers to stand on the sidelines for the most destructive moment in the multiple timeline Atonement for your sins. Fortunately, the issue of responsibility is much better than that of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer. Song Fei Ending-the watchman Do I believe that when the entire multiverse is in danger, it is time to punch Ultron in the face and save the situation. But by the end of episode 8, his intervention was not enough, and it was clear how things would end in the end.All the tragedies we have seen if…? As teased in the trailer, it will return in the Avengers-like team from the multiverse. Expect Doctor Strange, Black Widow, and Captain Carter to return in episode 9 for the final battle, led by the observer.

The biggest problem remains: Yes if…? Put the observer back bottle The sky after the first season? Can the show be expanded from simply iterating the MCU that fans know? The writer AC Bradley told Polygon at the end of the season that she originally produced a Cronenbergian body horror series, which involved Spider-Man turning into a real spider, but the idea was lost because it was a “PG-13 thing.” Strangled. But as the rules are completely broken, future ideas seem more likely. And there is a future.All signs point to another batch if…? The series is in production, and other Marvel animation projects will be launched in 2022 at the earliest.

“As we develop more animations and let you know what these projects are, I hope we can complete them as soon as possible. They all prove the rationality of the media,” executive producer Brad Winderbaum told Polygon earlier this year. “This is the most important thing. if…? Because of the breadth of the material we have to revisit, it really has to be animated. We can never afford or create it. It needs an infinite canvas. “

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