If the ending quotes the missing Kamora plot, it is now part of Season 2

Season one if…?, Marvel Studios’ first ever animated show for Disney Plus, the ending echoes the best part The Avengers, Age of Ultron, with End Game. The watchman violated his oath to never interfere with the inner workings of the multiverse. He gathered heroes from all planes of existence and formed his own team: the guardians of the multiverse. Captain Carter, Star Lord Techara, Party Thor, Slayer/Black Panther, and Dotham-style Doctor Strange are all there.

The same is true for Kamora, he… hasn’t become a major part of any particular episode, even though each guardian was created in a one-off time. if…?. How does Kamora attract the attention of the Watchers? There is a practical reason, we may see the backstory in the future.

[Ed. note: The rest of this story contains spoilers for What If…? episode 9.]

Image: Marvel Studio

In the early scene of “What if… the watchman breaks the oath?” In the early scenes, the omniscient character played by Jeffrey Wright arrives on the planet Nidavillier to greet Kamora, wearing a Hulk destroyer armor The Iron Man and King of Dwarves, Ellitri, recalled from Avengers: Infinity War Thor and Rocket Raccoon get a customized axe from the Dwarf Forge. In this world and timeline, Iron Man hopes to use Elitiri’s skills to “put on a suit of armor around the world” in response to his plan to spawn Ultron. But why are they together?Because there is a whole episode if…? Waiting for completion, the two of them met on Sakaar’s orbit.

An episode centered on Tony Stark should premiere in the first series, if…? The creator AC Bradley confirmed to Polygon.However, due to production issues related to COVID-19, the series could not be released on time, forcing the producer to postpone it until if…? Season 2 (this is for anyone wishing to get if…? Season 2).

And “What if… the watchman breaks the oath?” Now some unexpected questions about the relationship between Tony and Kamora have been raised in a pocket in the multiverse, and Bradley said it’s worth the trouble. In her letter to Polygon, she wrote: “Given the global tragedy of the pandemic, pushing one episode is nothing.” “I just hope that the audience has been entertained in the past 9 weeks and enjoyed this journey like I did.”

This episode will definitely explain or not why Gamora is one of The Watcher’s choices.In the finale, the combined power of the guardians of the multiverse (including Kamora) is enough to subdue an Ultron that brandishes infinite gems and consumes the universe, allowing the Black Widow to stand up and infect the robot Zola with the number Arnim. Captain America: The Winter SoldierThe death of Natasha Romanov is one of the most polarizing aspects Avengers: Endgame, When the animation nodded to her soul stone sacrifice, if…? Update your character with heroic energy worth fighting in the universe. It rules.

So what will Camora and Tony prepare? if…? Season 2? Although some leaks that premiered before the first season hinted at the plot of this episode, including how Tony arrived at Sarkar (a location named “If… the observer broke his oath?) and why the observer mentioned Kamo As the “Destroyer of Thanos”, nothing is completely certain. The assumption that production resumes and Iron Man episodes are folded into new batches. At present, the ending of the first season has accidentally done what Marvel does best in staging: Let us want more.