If the unexpected Fallout 3 update broke your mod last week, here is a fix

Last week, Fallout 3 finally got rid of the scourge of Windows Live games. But as things are normal, freedom comes at a price—especially, Fallout script extender (FOSE) is no longer valid, so all mods that depend on it also stop working. Oops. This is a pretty big problem, and it’s even worse for the creators.”No timetable When can FOSE be updated to this new version of the game.

enter Radiation Anniversary Patch, Developed by the mod manufacturer lStewieAl, it restores FOSE functionality by downgrading Fallout 3 to the pre-update version, while maintaining the removal of Games for Windows Live dependencies. It also automatically loads FOSE when Fallout 3 starts (if installed) and enables the game to use 4GB of RAM: some older Bethesda games, including Fallout 3, have a 2GB limit on RAM usage and patch up to 4GB Can have a very positive impact on performance.