If there’s anything to bring back lost WoW players, it’s probably dragons

A little cynical about this, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is exactly the kind of expansion you’d expect from an MMO that’s dwindling in popularity. It’s like a DJ spinning the party rock anthem after their moody Chicago house track fails to move the dance floor. Desperate play? Maybe. But you know you want to party rock just a little bit.

Everyone loves dragons, and Dragonflight adds not only a dragon ride, but a playable dragon clan. Dragon Rider! There are no modest excuses here. Still, 18 years later, I think Blizzard and WoW fans have gotten a little dragon expansion as a treat. As if World of Warcraft wasn’t specifically about picking low-hanging fruit. Ten years ago, The Disclosure was the Pandaren race. Cataclysm added goblins. I like pandas and goblins, but not Dungeons and Pandas, and Bruce Lee wasn’t famous in Into the Goblin. Dragons are fabulous A-listers.