If you have not participated in the Squid Game train

Masked people like to invite hundreds of people to a private island to participate in a death game, especially when it is to prove a point that may not require proof Build an underground crematorium. This is certainly a wasteful method for ethics research, but it can produce great TV shows, so if you haven’t thrown the squid game into the old Netflix queue.

The inspiration for this nine-episode Korean drama obviously came from the Battle Royale in 2000 movie This gave the video game genre its name, but shuffled in a clumsy unpredictability CS:GO Mini Game Module, Stretch it a bit for game comparison. It is adjacent to video games, for example: it features adults playing children’s games (sometimes a way of describing PC Gamer employees), and has some thematic kinship, such as many unnecessary murders. Squid Game is undoubtedly the most violent show I have watched recently.