If you pay in cryptocurrency, Newegg offers a 20% Black Friday discount

Newegg decided to curse it on Black Friday Latest promotion, When you pay with cryptocurrency via BitPay in the UK, Australia, UAE and other countries, you can enjoy a 20% discount. The discount will apply to orders over US$500 (although the promotion is not actually available in the US), and the maximum discount is US$200. A large selection of items will qualify, including CPUs, graphics cards, hard drives and monitors.

To participate in the promotion, you need to use BitPay, which is a crypto wallet application that includes currencies such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Newegg proudly announces its support BitPay as early as 2019, And now it is encouraged to use it during this year’s Black Friday trading season. The transaction is not available in the United States, but is available in the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.