If your loved one draws miniatures, give them one of them as a gift

When it comes to miniature painting, I am not a gadget person. Give me a better brush and I can finish the job. But there is a small tool I wish I bought for myself a long time ago.It is called a Vortex mixer, It helps me draw my minimap faster and better than ever.

When you draw a miniature model, getting the consistency of your acrylic paint correct is one of the hardest things to do. Usually this involves adding water to the paint while painting, you can do it with the paintbrush alone or with a wet palette. But, usually, the biggest challenge is just getting the damn things to mix properly.

The paint used for the miniatures is contained in very small bottles, each containing only a fraction of an ounce of product. Giving enough power to blend these fractional ounces properly can be a challenge. Red and white paints are usually the most difficult to use correctly because their thick coagulase pigment sinks to the bottom. Games Workshop’s new series of contrast coatings is another troublesome product because its unique adhesives and flow improvers tend to stick to the bottom of the pot. Failure to mix your paint well, they will be too thin to cover your model completely, or they may not even be sticky at all. However, mixing them correctly can sometimes take more time to shake the jar than the actual painting.

Vortex mixers are most commonly used in biological science laboratories to mix samples in test tubes. The top is a large silicone dent, which can be fixed to the bottom of the test tube. Press it and it will use a powerful motor to automatically stir the content. As a result, everything in the test tube entangled at an astonishing speed, forming a tornado-like vortex. When the liquid climbed up from both sides, it actually formed a gap in the middle of the sample.

For laboratory technicians, this is also great for miniature painters. Adding a vortex mixer to my hobby area solved the paint mixing problem for me. I just press the pot to the top, give it 30 seconds to 1 minute to stir, and then I will go to the game.For very thick paint, add a Metal stirring ball Make it faster. Now I look up after a half-hour quick drawing sprint and find that I have used a dozen or more colors, not just the three or four colors that I had time to mix and paint in the past. The result is a miniature model that has spent more time on my actual hobby and looks better than in the past.

The only obstacle is the price. On the recommendation of a good friend, I bought my LabGenius Mini Vortex Mixer for about $100. This is as much money as I spent on the spray gun…and my compressor. Other online products are only half the price, but $50 is still a lot for a gadget. Why are they so expensive? As I said, the motors they use are special products, and they run ridiculously fast. But the equipment itself must also be very heavy to stay in place during all these movements. Mine actually includes heavy silicone feet at the bottom so that the heavy base moves relative to the paint can when it rotates. Overall, this makes it quieter.

No matter which method you take in terms of price, you may not go wrong. Grab a vortex mixer for yourself or someone you like, and you won’t regret it.