I’m falling back into the rabbit hole of Pokemon cards, but I hope they are not so difficult to master

As Pokemon turns 25, there are many celebrations to look forward to. On VG247, we mainly focus on games. These games provide us with an anniversary recap in the diamond and pearl remake. At the same time, we also set our sights on “Pokemon Legend: Arceus”-but what attracted me the most was The single anniversary element, of course, is the trading card.

Decided to release’Pokemon Celebration‘Expansion is so simple that it is difficult to give Pokemon Company a lot of credit. But we have to-by re-issuing the old card, they are scratching a specific and strong itch that I absolutely cannot resist. They pulled me back.

This is no easy task, really, because I haven’t really actively purchased any Pokemon cards for many years. In the past, I liked them very much-as a teenager, I would trawl cards to meet every weekend to buy, sell and exchange rare cards. My grandfather is always happy to satisfy my hobbies, he learned to play and has an impressive collection. I still have all my original cards, including the complete first five or six expansion sets.

At some point, I quit the game, and that’s it-although I have been flirting with the online version and am very excited about the prospect of redevelopment of the app into a more “appropriate” gaming experience. I like things like Hearthstone, but give me a digital version of the Pokemon TCG, which functions as well as it, and I know I will put in hundreds of hours.

But, anyway-yes, the 25th Anniversary “Celebration” expansion pack is very good and is clearly calibrated precisely to flush out the nostalgia of the various eras of trading card games for their hard-earned cash. The celebration series reprinted classic cards-so for me, the Holy Grail is a reprint of the fire-breathing dragon, Blastoise and Venusaur, which looks exactly the same as their “basic series” configuration in the 90s, but with an extra 25th anniversary. optimal. For others, different cards stimulate the greedy nostalgia point in the brain-honestly, I think it’s great to have a series that represents all eras, each card is copied almost exactly as it is.

Of course, I fell in love with this expansion and has been ruined by a scalper idiot. We all know that the Pokemon Card market has been gradually expanding, and some YouTubers bought a premium Charizard for $250,000 to emphasize this the boldest-but it means that Pokemon TCG is like a graphics card and is now owned by a scalper idiot.

What is interesting is how the price fell. On eBay, the prices of cards such as Celebrations set Charizard have gradually fallen to a more reasonable level. The list price of an “Elite Trainer Box” exceeds £1,000; more than twenty times the actual retail price. Naturally, it was not sold-the Pokemon Company responded wisely to the demand and printed a lot of such things, and you can get them relatively easily-at least if you are willing to sign up for email and Twitter alerts, Waiting to order some cards within five minutes of replenishment like a ninja. Which, now I write it like this, after all, it is not so easy. In fact, this is a bit bad.

However, after getting some and opening them…the joy is still there. There is something about these cards, and the way they insert the spells of the Pokemon universe is endlessly fascinating. I was held firmly by fear, because I could feel the open mouth of Pokemon Company wide open, ready to swallow my wallet and start another addiction. I think we can call this 25th anniversary celebration a success. well done.

Also… Does anyone want to use their Base Set to reprint Charizard in exchange for Base Set to reprint Blastoise? I will see you on the playground during lunch break.