Impression of the Door of Death: Collect souls with a crow shooting a bow

The death machine acts like an office, people want the next big quarter and complain about paperwork. The world of death has to do with black, white, and strange things. Early on, I lose the soul sent to reap. That’s a pretty big problem at headquarters. My crows are sent back to the colorful, overgrown, monster-filled human world.

To Door of death, I am a lovely little bird with a sword and a bow, and have a mission to collect as many souls as possible. It’s not easy to be a small crow against a giant beast, but it’s alive. If you die in the human world, you’ll be returned to the beginning, but you’ll be able to keep all the goodies you find along the way, making each one a little easier to do.

I travel with a top-down camera following the hero of a little crow. His bow is very powerful, but ammunition is limited. Fortunately, each sword hit restores one shot, so you can easily dance back and forth between both weapons.

The visual design of the game marks a desolate and fascinating border. At one point, a giant bird-like creature perches on top and I cross the bridge while looking at me. Yes, society has collapsed here to nothing, but the few people left are very comfortable and clean to explore.

The construction of the world extends not only to landscapes, but also to enemy designs. Each monster I fight appears to crawl out of a crumbling wall or emerge from these ancient castles. Some enemies with small legs and heavy shells are relaxing in the Zelda dungeons.

It’s not unfair, but hard, to fight over the waves of my reaping crows and beasts. Everything is telegraphed in advance, and I have to learn the timing and mechanism to succeed. It feels a bit rough when using the keyboard and mouse. The game feels much better with the controller because the mouse keeps me pointing in the wrong direction and is vulnerable to counterattacks.

Once I got used to the controller, the battle snapped into place. The bow is moderately punchy and has built-in stopping power. Not only that, but the pink cracks show the enemy’s damage, so you can immediately see how hard the shot hits. It feels great to land a perfectly timed shot with great visual effects and sounds.

Image: Acid Nerve / Devolver Digital

The crows get up quickly, so you can get out of trouble with a timely combat roll. All fights will be stamina checks: can I keep rolling past the tentacles of my boss, or will I slip? Can I join in to hit quickly with my sword and charge my bow ammo, or do I have to go back and play safely?

Combat is the most flashy part of Door of death, Most of my time in the game was spent exploring.Individual level of Door of death It’s vast and full of familiar clues that you’ll always discover. While running through some lush gardens, I found a cracked wall and knew I would probably need to go back to blow up its suction cups and earn rewards in it.

From time to time, I had to look for levers and glowing runes to activate elevators and drop ladders to move forward. These are the best environments to explore, the developer Acid Nerve (who created it earlier). Titan Souls) Carefully clutter powerups, currencies and other unlocks across levels. Over time, you can unlock new weapons and skills, or upgrade existing tools.

But, Door of death Do not complement each other. Every time you die in the human world, you have to return to the beginning of the level. The individual worlds are designed to be vast, so this meant I would spend a fair amount of time just jogging back in place and my brain was kicked out of combat mode. .. If you die many times in the same encounter, you lose the momentum of trekking, especially if you get lost once or twice. The environment is great, but I don’t have to run them over and over just to get my ass kicked again.

as a whole, Door of death Especially, it’s a lot of fun because you can see small jogging of crows in various wild and unique environments. The only unfortunate thing is that it takes time to get back to the action after finishing it … but at least there are lots of nice sights to enjoy along the way.

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