In a 5v5 world, Overwatch 2 is still groping

After hours of alpha playtesting Overwatch 2, it finally clicked. I’m a 3,000-hour Overwatch player — fascinated, really — and I’ve spent a few games analyzing what’s going on in the long-awaited sequel to the Blizzard hero shooter. By removing two players from the game, one tank per team, and adopting a new 5v5 format, Overwatch breaks the fast-forward button of how its dynamic FPS team fights work. The only way to keep up with the rhythm is to play at the same rhythm.

To me, the most boring heroes in Overwatch are the ones with guns. Sniper rifles, railguns, and shotguns don’t match the thrill of climbing up a wall to avoid Reinhardt’s Earthshatter stun like Genji, or the shock of hitting an approaching opponent with a precision arrow headshot like Hanzo. Overwatch is the most satisfying shooter if you want to defeat your enemies with movement-based abilities and weapons; that’s why fighting game heroes like Doomfist can survive the chaos of a firefight. Many of its most acrobatic heroes require precise timing based on a keen observation of enemy abilities and behavior. It’s a game that often rewards patience and tactical consideration as well as sheer aiming skills.

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