In Call of Duty: The crater of the war zone crashed the plane, battled with gasoline, and other vacation activities

Call of Duty: The new map of the theater of war may be located in Verdansk on the other side of the world, but it will not subvert your assumptions. The Pacific Crater Island is divided into a familiar and ingenious combination of arenas: rural sprawl, small teams jumping from house to house; a dense urban center suitable for close and invisibility; an airport whose combat distance spreads out like a flick knife. Its geographic location has not fundamentally changed the rhythm or rhythm of team battles, nor will it force you to reconsider the tactics honed in the blockade last year.

Perhaps this is the best: since Verdansk is unavailable, players will expect Verdansk-like excitement from its palm tree pitting alternative. Only occasionally, in the morning of my exploratory game, some spectacular novelty will get me out of the old pattern and wake me up, even if it’s just a second. These are those moments, record them so that you can also enjoy them.

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Fucks petrol