In Dying Light 2, the choices you make can change the entire city


(Image source: Future)

This article first appeared in “PC Player” Magazine Issue 361, August 2021. Every month we launch exclusive features to explore the world of PC gaming-from behind-the-scenes previews to incredible community stories to fascinating interviews and more.

Aiden Caldwell is the mysterious hero in “Dying Light 2: Remaining”. He is a member of the pilgrims-a loose gathering of post-apocalyptic wanderers wandering through the ruins of the old world. He arrived in the city, the unknown metropolis set by this game, looking for his sister Mia. “Ayden is haunted by vague, intermittent memories of her,” said lead game designer Tymon Smektała. “When he learned that he had found someone responsible for what happened to her there, he started on a mission to understand the truth.”

This open-world zombie game goes a step further than the original. It supports its free running, undead races and cruel melee combat through interactive branch stories, and you can have a real impact on it. This city is not only home to countless aggressively infected people, but also home to warring factions of human survivors. This is a big old mess, but a compelling setting for survival horror games. One of the most interesting features in Dying Light 2 is how the city changes drastically according to the time of day.