In January of this year, Weird West will shine on PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Wolfeye Studios announced that its upcoming isometric action role-playing game will enter town on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC in January this year (and requires a showdown at noon).

Developed by Wolfeye, the studio is composed of former Dishonored and Prey developers, Weird West is a unique interpretation of the Wild West type. Of course, it features a fair share of cowboys, coyotes, and midday duels, but this border is also home to pigmen, undead, giants, etc. This is a very “weird” west, and everyone can experience it on January 11.

“The Sheriff Wolfeye Studios and their chin-loose deputy Devolver Digital announced that their upcoming action RPG experience game “Weird West” will be launched on PC, PlayStation and Xbox on January 11, with the development prospects of surrealism as the background. “The press release is read for the announcement. “In line with this news, the brave Broncos have opened pre-orders on Steam and released the first part of a new video series. Wolfeye Studios creative director Raf Colantonio is the first in a series of more in-depth diving videos Gives an overview of the game in.”

Anyone who pre-orders on Steam will receive a horse called Calamity in the game, which is described as “a reliable mule, by doubling their inventory size to provide support at the beginning of their adventure , Even if the enemy is hit, they can escape. Chase them and travel faster to avoid missing timed targets.” Calamity‚Äôs saddle bag will be equipped with lock openers, bandages, and Golden Aces of Spades upgrade tokens.

Weird West will land on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 11.

To learn more about the Strange West, please check The original announcement trailer aired in 2019 Game Awards, Then be sure to watch this Release date trailer after that.

Will you check “Weird West” when it is released in January? Let us know in the comments below!