In just 2 hours, if on a winter night, four travelers tell the story of one of the best adventure games I’ve ever played

One of my favorite games of 2021 is completely free, takes 5 minutes to install, and even if I deliberately took the time to walk around and click everything, it took less than 2 hours. However, it’s one of the richest story-driven experiences I’ve had the pleasure of playing, wrapped in a point-and-click adventure with extraordinary depth.i’m talking about If on a winter night… four travelers By Laura Hunt and Thomas Möhring in dead idle game.

Like its literary namesake, Italian author Italo Calvino’s story, If On a Winter’s Night…is a narrative experiment that delves into the art of storytelling. There are four chapters: The Silent Room, Mrs Winterburn’s Slow Disappearance, The Nameless Ritual, and finally, If On a Winter Night. It’s a snowy night somewhere in Central Asia in 1929, and we set the scene on a gorgeous steam train—unlike the famous Orient Express—that seems to be throwing a masked party. Several newcomers are lost and unsure how they got there, and the game begins with everyone trying to recall what they did in front of the train.