In November of this year, let us build a zoo to splice the abominations of your dreams

The quirky Let’s Build A Zoo will open its doors to enterprising zookeepers on November 5th. The game will provide you with the key to your own animal sanctuary, which you can go to from many directions. Whether you want to promote conservation, turn it into a soulless money-making machine, or use gene splicing mechanisms to concoct brand-new creatures, let us build a zoo to meet your needs.

This stupid title allows you to construct and design fences, buildings, and other infrastructure to accommodate your furry attractions and entertain guests. Although it seems simple, the multi-layer system allows for deeper games and a lot of customization, including an ethical system. Good players can take good care of their animals, promote environmentalism, and even save some species from extinction. Those who like to walk on the dark side can use small animals by building factories to extract as much cash as possible from them.

Another outstanding feature of the game is gene splicing. Do you think ordinary old giraffes are boring? Mix its DNA with bats and see what you get.The game has more than 300,000 possible animal combinations; maybe your zoo can display your Terrible mistake The miracle of life. Let’s Build A Zoo will land on PC via Steam for $19.99.